HeLLO :)

HeLLO :)

HeLLO :)

I'm Sarah, a product designer chilling (really ☃️) in Chicago. I explore creative ways to tackle problems through design-thinking.

While working as a graphic designer, I was all about the visible design. Nowadays, I focus on the not-so-visible design that connects us to our surroundings, and how to better the quality of these connections.

I take a generalist approach towards projects, with a heavy lean towards concepting and ideation. I'm always eager to experiment and learn hands-on while pursuing growth and maintaining an active curiosity.

Society is rapidly evolving, becoming more hyper-global and intertwined, and so are our interactions with the digital world. I'm excited to build a future of inclusive, collaborative design– one that embraces diversity and change just as it does emergent technologies.

Outside of design you can find me playing with clay, banging on the piano, poking around r/retrofuturism, exploring sustainable living, or trying to veganize... everything.

What am i up to?
Learning: Wooden spoon carving (quarantine!)
Listening: Mother Earth's Plantasia
Watching: Dark

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